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For Minecraft lovers everywhere, there is yet one more series taking the worlds by storm. The Wandering ups the ante for beginners through advanced Minecraft warriors. From the creator of the Lost Soul, the Wandering is a terrifying horror map that has all the things that scare you most. Players become Jack, who is a thirty-year-old man returning from his boring day at work. A map that involves all the twists and turns gamers love, this has a touch of something more ominous that is a step above others in the series.


As Jack, you return from a long day at the office to find that something just isn’t quite right. Getting the feeling like someone, or something, is watching you, you set out on a course to investigate your surroundings. What resolves is pure adventure, adrenaline and unlike any other game in the Minecraft series. For newbies to challenged Minecraft warriors, there is something for everyone and things that no one sees coming. This is certainly not your typical Minecraft map.


A dark environment, there is horror behind every corner. A playing field that is barely visible, what pops up will make your heart race and put you on edge. Unique to the Minecraft game series, the dark and forbidding maze is one that will keep players on the edge of their seat. Although wanting to get to the end to find out what awaits you, making it there alive is part of the mystic that drives you to want more. One to add to your list, this one is catching on like wildfire.



  • Recommended version : Minecraft 1.8.8
  • Recommended lighting : 50 % (100 % for Youtube)
  • Use the default resource pack !
  • Focused Height : 165px (Options ► Chat settings)
  • Unfocused Height : 90px
  • Don’t change your gamemode
  • This map isn’t playable in multiplayer!
  • Don’t play with shaders!


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