Temple of Zerone
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Temple of Zerone is an adventure map I’ve been working on on and off for over a year now. You travel through the ancient temple of the Goddess of Adventure, solving puzzles, avoiding traps, and dealing with the occasional fire wraith.There’s plenty of command block shenanigans of course.

The map has an estimated playtime of 2-3 hours. The difficulty is medium-easy. It’s designed for 1 player, though bringing in more than that shouldn’t break things TOO much.

Because the map uses a lot of custom textures, I recommend going in without any texture packs. Shaders in particular tend to make things way darker than I intended- and there’s already some pretty dark areas. >.>

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2 Responses

  1. goodra

    Just finished. Very good level design and clever puzzles. Needs a boss battle, though.

  2. cutriger

    The puzzles are pretty good and not too hard, actually way too easy lol. I’ve made a video on the map which i’ll be posting later today.
    It’s a pretty nice map overall tho, doesn’t need a boss battle but it would be fun aswell if it had one.


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