Space Purge

Located in the void of space, your adventure awaits

A massive space station is abandoned for no apparent reason. You command the expedition that will investigate.

What will you find? Do you have the wits and the strength that it will take to survive?

A great and powerful force awaits you at the end of your mission; he can smell your fear.

– A Linear Story Line
– Puzzles
– Parkour
– Some Custom Mobs
– No Special Mods or Texture Packs Required (Looks great in a vanilla wrapper)
– Great Format For a Let’s Play Series
– Secrets (Do you think that you can find them all?)
– *NEW* In-Game Walkthrough
Media Fire Download:

*Latest map update 1.5 on 07/11/2014

This map is compatible with Minecraft 1.7.2 – 1.7.5 Please downgrade to a version within that range. If you use snapshots or anything higher, it may result in a “buggy” experience.

I believe much of this has to do with changes in tp functions that keep your momentum, causing some people to teleport under floors and such. Also it takes away from the experience during the final boss battle.

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