Revenge Of The Dragon Egg
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DSLmediapro’s Revenge of the Dragon Egg map is an excellent foray into some classic Minecraft fantasy. Without giving anything away for others: Revenge of the Dragon Egg relies heavily upon its custom, thorough storyline to keep the player engaged, as opposed to countless jumping and fighting levels with little substance.

With over 1000 hours of work put into creating this interesting atmosphere and detailed world (complete with an assortment of scripted events, customised enemies and NPC villagers, unique items and some pretty incredible motion events) DSLmediapro’s talent really shines through.

All the way through Revenge of the Dragon Egg, the player can hear custom note block music playing in the background – all created by DSL (unless otherwise stated), which is a really nice, personal touch. But sometimes these looping tracks can cause lag, so there is an option to disable the loop mechanic, avoiding unnecessary glitching throughout the gameplay.

If you want to check out some Revenge of the Dragon Egg walkthroughs before downloading it for yourself, there are plenty of great videos to check out, not least DSL’s own youtube channel itself (here:

I would happily recommend this map, not only for its fun storylines and really meticulous crafting (there’s a lot packed into this), but also out of respect for DSL’s effort: keep in mind that he wasn’t even fifteen years old when he made it, and that it took over a year to finish.

Luckily, most people seem to love it as much as it deserves. Just a quick glance at a review poll on DSL’s original post on shows 72% of people either loved, or thought Revenge of the Dragon Egg was good.

A must have for any Minecraft buff out there, head over to DSL’s website (here: to check out Revenge of the Dragon Egg for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!


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