The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Masks Map
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With a map called The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Masks, you know what you’re getting before you even click ‘download’. Created by ZeldaCraft (the clue’s in the name, really) back in 2012 – this map pack is packed to the rafters with references to and influences from Majora’s Mask.

Those wanting to play it need to download the AdventureCraft mod (a stand alone addition to the original game) in order to run Legendary Masks. Once this is running, you’ll be able to see the true splendour of ZeldaCraft’s creation – massive in scale and insanely detailed.

Although it’s firmly tinted with Zelda lore and strives for a Zelda-esque atmosphere throughout, Legendary Masks makes great use of excellent storytelling mechanics to place the player in the position of a hero trying to restore balance to Termina – now overrun with ‘evil’.

This isn’t to say that those unfamiliar with the Zelda games, characters or plotlines won’t be able to enjoy Legendary Masks, though. It all hinges upon ZeldaCraft’s own imagination and design talent, opening it up to any and all players who want to give it a whirl. If you want proof of its success, check out ZeldaCraft’s original post on where it holds 0 votes in its “Can be better” poll.

The customised skins and texture packs (which have been updated frequently by ZeldaCraft in order to give a better experience to the player) are a brilliant addition to the world of Legendary Masks – setting it apart from other lesser maps, and really creating the feel of a completely unique game, outwith the arena of Minecraft.

For Zelda and non-Zelda fans alike: The Legend of Zelda: Legendary Masks is a great choice for your next Minecraft adventure storyline, so do ZeldaCraft a favour and download it today!

Version 0.6.0 + AC r1095 : Download here!
(Unstable) Version 0.6.0 : Download here!

(Stable) Version 0.5.5 : Download here !

AdventureCraft r1095:

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