[Horror] DanTDM Map - Trayaurus's Zombie Experiment
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This is a map about DanTDM. [In the Past DanTDM played in another map that I built and loved it]

This map is a lot better then the other map I made. it’s a lot more invested, scary, cool and Fun!

The Map Got a story:
DanTDM and Dr Trayaurus Went on vacation in snowy north.
Camping Vacation in a igloo far away from Work, Troubles and all the Failed Experiments.
Dan and Trayaurus made a deal, NO EXPERIMENTS IN THE VACATION!!!
will Dr Trayaurus keep hes promise? Play The Map And See 😉


http://www.mediafire.com/file/rre7299oy7lj1bp/Trayaurus’s Zombie Experiment.zip

This map is for version 1.11.2 ONLY!!!

The map is for single Player only… but if Dan will play the map I’ll upload a multiplayer version of it with commands support and more Chest loot

The Map Is using Tons of New Minecraft Features (including the villagers)

it also got a Shop Where you can buy Good Stuff for Selling Monster Drops

This Map Got Parkour, Mazes, Pve, Quick Time Events and more…

The Map is not only scary, it also Fun and hilarious! it also got Tons of cool Armor Stand Animations!

The Map is using a Resource pack Called “Item Bound” by SixFootBlue here is a link for the resource pack:


(The Resource pack included in the World Download)

The Resource pack requires optifine_1.11.2 which is super easy to download. here is a link:


(The Optifine is also included in the World Download)

Warning! if your render distance is too low it can break the map. so if you ran into a problem its might be because of your render distance… I’m not sure what is the lowest render distance you can use. but I tested it on 16 and it worked just fine!

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