THE ENDER SCROLLS – Enhanced Edition

THE ENDER SCROLLS - Enhanced Edition
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Tired of new OpenWorld Maps that takes years until it’s finished? I waited to present my map after 400 hours of work complete!

About the Map:

You are in Arenor, a province in an alternate Tamriel (continent of The Elder Scrolls). You have an open world with 72 Quests ( Main/Guild/Special/Side Quests) and many NPC’s. Gates to the End is a big adventure!
The only thing you need is the awesome mod Custom NPC’s from Noppes, which gives many options for storytelling and Quests.


  • Mainquest – Stop the plans of the mysterious Enderman Lord Elijah who tries to release the Daedric-Lords on Nirn with the connection of Nirn and the Daedra-Realms with the “End”.
  • Mage Guild – Join the Mage Guild and find out more about the true goal of the Archmage
  • Protectors of Arenor (Warrior Guild) – Help Castiel to destroy the CuĂ©lebre and their leader.
  • Apocalyptic Horsemen – To help a small village called Grumash, you challenge the Death itself!
  • The Ebony Warrior (NEW from Enhanced Update) – After completing the 4 Questlines above, talk with Divina in Oxengravv to challenge the legendary Ebony Warrior, your strongest opponent.


IT’S A SINGLEPLAYER MAP! Multiplayer won’t work right.

I DON’T allow that anybody uploads my map on his/her Website!!

Don’t break blocks, play in Survival and read all informations in the tutorial!

The world is divided into 3 difficulty regions. (Easy/Medium/Hard)

TES: Gates to the End
The map is 1.7.10 only since the Enhanced Update. You need recommended Forge 1.7.10 and CustomNPC’s 1.7.10
I recommend my mixpack (textures from many packs). It includes better textures for CustomNPC Items and you see the things exactly how I built them.
It’s 64×64 and included in the map download. The font is fixed now.

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4 Responses


    The map Elder Scrolls is completely broken, there are no doors, no mobs, no npcs, the textures don’t work, none of the command blocks seem to be working, there is nothing in any or the chests, all the beds keep disappearing, and the map the game gives you is glitched (all is see is black). Can you get a fixed version of this map or remove it please and thank you.

    • mcmaps

      have you made sure that you are using minecraft version 1.7 and Forge 1.7.10 and CustomNPC’s 1.7.10b . Newer version does not work.


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