A Day To Remember - Unique 2.5D Style map
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A single-player only maze, A Day to Remember Minecraft adventure is unlike any that came before. The player becomes the ordinary Ethan Odell, an office worker stuck in the daily grind, whose sole purpose is to find his way out of the maze that has turned his life upside down. With all the twists and turns that Minecraft fans love, Odell must locate the exit to his house which catches on fire. The extraordinary 2.5D style is what adds additional appeal to this outstanding Minecraft series game.

For those who want a little extra help to get poor Mr. Odell from his burning surroundings – if you should get stuck and are unable to exit to another area, you can start over by removing the diamond boots from his feet and then press the start button to begin again. If you are a newbie to Minecraft, there is also a tutorial that will explain how to take control of the character and make your way successfully through the maze. It may take some practice, but, after all, that is what is so fun about this game.

The best part about A Day to Remember is that Ethan is allowed to move around other objects and interact with other characters. Allowing you the suspension of disbelief, you can leave your own daily grind behind to immerse yourself in this fun, face-paced, and mind provoking version of Minecraft. With all the characteristics that make Minecraft so addictive, Mr. Odell is just one more character to get you hooked.


  • This map was created for Minecraft version 1.9 and will not work with earlier versions, and may not work with future versions.
  • Options…Video Settings…Render Distance must be at least 4 chunks, but it is recommended to set it to at least 8.
  • Options…FOV must be at least Normal. Smaller displays need a larger FOV for this map.
  • Mouse movement is not allowed when you are not in the starting area. If this becomes an issue, turn the mouse sensitivity all the way down in Options…Controls…Sensitivity.
  • If you experience lag, try turning off Smooth Lighting and setting Graphics to Fast in Options…Video Settings.
  • Do NOT craft things in your inventory, as you will lose the important items that you need to complete the map.


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